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5 Bad Things That Are Actually Good For You

From what we eat to the way we live, it seems that there are always studies telling us what is going to kill us in one way or another. Sometimes we do not know who to keep on believing! That is why, here we are to deny some myths and tell you that some things that are considered bad, can be the really good for your health!

Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading!


There seem to be many cross-messages as to whether caffeine is good or bad for our body. The bottom line is in moderation, just like almost everything. Yes, if you fill your stomach with caffeine then it is very likely that you will feel accelerated and have a headache.

But its benefits are not few and that is why we could say that it is on the “good list”. Japanese researchers have discovered that memory increases. In addition, it helps hair growth, helps weight loss and can prevent some diseases such as skin cancer.


This is one of the typical debates. For a long time, low-calorie dairy choices, such as low-fat yogurts or semi-skim milk, were thought to be better choices. Well, this is a no gram. The whole dairy is always the best option.

Whole dairy products contain a greater amount of soluble fat vitamins A, D, and E, in addition to making you more satisfied, which means you will not be hungry the short time after finishing your snack. In addition, many low-calorie yogurts contain a lot of additives and sweeteners that are not good. So what’s the point of eating something that has only 99 calories but does not have any nutrients?


Red wine (in moderation) contains antioxidants called polyphenols. We do not expect you to remember that name, but it does protect your heart and blood vessels. A glass of wine with your meal also helps make you feel more satisfied, which makes it less likely that you will overcompensate.


Ahh, music to our ears. A little chocolate contains antioxidants that can help prevent cancers in addition to helping keep arteries clean. It is also very good for preventing sun damage and, even more interesting, it can help you lose weight!

Neuroscientist Will Clower says leaving a small square of good chocolate to melt on the tongue twenty minutes before a meal triggers the hormones that tell the brain “I’m satisfied”, decreasing the food you eat later.

Fat on the butt

Having fat on your derriere is really good if you were thinking otherwise! Women who tend to store fat in their lower half instead of their upper half are supposed to be more protected from heart disease.


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