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7 Extremely Enjoyable Areas In Delhi That Proves It Is The Most joyful Metro In India

The cultural capital of the nation is loaded with bars, cafes, modern bazaars and social spots with a massive array of exciting places you can expand your day. 24 hours can convert into just a few when you are at the correct area with the perfect people. Presenting the unconventional list of enjoyable areas in Delhi.

Indian Mountaineering Foundation in Moti Bagh


Bored of movies, drink, and coffee? Then visit one of the most enjoyable sites in Delhi – the Indian Mountaineering Foundation! Well-known for amazing and fun activities in Delhi, the sports climbing wall should certainly not be overlooked! It has everything and almost everything you would want to do on a ‘fantastic day out.

Delhi Eye at Kalindi Kunj

Delhi Eye at Kalindi Kunj

Entertainment parks sure tumble on the collection of enjoyable sites in Delhi. Think about spending a day on wild rides and water games. Check out the fascinating rides at Entertainment City, the water slides, and pools at Splash Waterpark or the giant Ferris wheel aka Delhi Eye at Kalindi Kunj.

Space Travel at Nehru Planetarium

History and  glamor at Hauz Khas

A popular place in Delhi among school kids, Nehru Planetarium is sure to appeal you if you are an astronomical fan!

History and  glamor at Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village has recently rated as one of the well-known areas to check out in Delhi. A fort overlooking a beautiful lake, a Deer park, lanes marked with cafes, bookstores, art galleries and boutiques.

Light & Sound Presentation at Old Fort

Light & Sound Presentation at Old Fort

Old fort and the zoo close by are among the ideal picnic places in Delhi for a family. But a visit in the evenings will stun you above words as you take pleasure in the amazing display of historical past in form of a light and sound show.

National Gallery of Modern Art

National Gallery of Modern Art

Museums are a passé but this contemporary gallery is not! Spend a day checking out not just the amazing locations but also the awe-inspiring art.

India Habitat Centre on Lodhi Road

India Habitat Centre on Lodhi Road

An open-air complex with art displays in the exhibits, theaters in the evening and a good old American breakfast of bacon and eggs all day. India Habitat center has it all.


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