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This is a Politics my Friend and He is Navjot Singh Sidhu or Navjot ‘Sangh’ Sidhu

Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu is one of few people in India, who is very famous among masses and classes both. He got succeed in everything he did. Cricket, commentary, politics and Comedy.


And when the news broke in the media about him resigning Rajya Sabha people went crazy over the Internet.

What Public Said:

Most of the people said, Mr. Sidhu is heading towards Aam Aadmi Party and would be a CM candidate in an upcoming state election in Punjab.

Many have said, He is unhappy with BJP due the 2014 Elections where BJP gave his ticket to Arun Jaitley and he lost.

People were also stating on Social media that He was not happy with SAD (Shri Akali Dal) – BJP alliance.

People also tweet and wrote on Facebook account that Sidhu is already embroiled in a cold war against the Badals, and this only fuelled the differences further.

Reactions from other Parties after his Resignation from Rajya Sabha 

Captain Amarinder Singh while talking to media welcome Mr. Siddhu in Congress.

What We have seen on various news channels AAP welcome Mr. Sidhu to his party but when questioned about his CM candidateship nobody was able to provide a solid answer.

Now, Coming to the main Question

We have seen Mr. Sidhu many times on TV channels and in rallies mocking Arvind Kejriwal time and again. Now, suddenly the rumors that He is going to join hands with him will raise a lot of criticism, and What we think is Siddhu is not a man who only think about opportunities.

We all know him as a man of values and faith. How can a person like Siddhu left Rajya Sabha the upper house of the democracy on its first day due to some mere personal differences and unhappiness?

Now the question is again the same, Why he resigned from Rajya Sabha? 

As per our analysis, Siddhu resignation might be a part of the planning to win upcoming Punjab Election by BJP or Sangh.


Siddhu can make a fourth front in Punjab and chances are high he may get numbers of seats enough to unfold the unimagined situations in upcoming elections which result in win-win situation for BJP and Siddhu both.

Sidhu can be a very harmful for AAP if he makes Fourth Front, this way he can cut vote of the Aam Aadmi Party which in future will be beneficial for the BJP and Siddhu.

At this stage, Sidhu’s image among the public is a leader who resigned from the top position only for the benefit of people of Punjab. This image can help BJP and Sidhu in upcoming elections.

We have written BJP and Siddhu everywhere because If Fourth Front will see the positive result, BJP will be in power with his forever SIDHU AS CM.

A few days back we have also heard, Siddhu stating BJP as his mother. It’s sure that Mr. Siddhu is not having an issue with BJP.

Sidhu has yet not disclosed what is running in his mind. 

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