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21 Tips and Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Being a successful entrepreneur is not an easy task considering the large number of tasks and activities that an entrepreneur has to do to start and carry out a business, the great number of difficulties and unforeseen times that he has to overcome, and a large number of Competitors to which he has to face today.

However, it is not something that any of us can not achieve, if in addition to much work and dedication we put into practice some advice.

The following is a list of 21 tips that will help you become a successful entrepreneur:

Dedicate yourself to doing something that you are passionate about

To be successful as an entrepreneur, a fundamental requirement is to dedicate yourself to doing something that you are passionate about because only then is it possible to have enough motivation to get ahead and get around all the difficulties and unforeseen events that will surely be presented along with the way.


Only start businesses that are passionate, where you do something that you love or enjoy doing a lot, where you offer a product or service that you really like, or where you would be if you had all the money in the world and you would not need to work anymore.

Offers differentiation

With so many products that exist today in the market, if one does not offer a differentiation, chances are that it ends up being one more of the pile and goes unnoticed.


Make sure you always offer differentiation; That is, something unique and novel that allows you to distinguish yourself from the other competitors and is the reason why consumers choose you before them; For example, a novel product that does not exist in the market or a product that already exists but with a unique characteristic, an additional service that others do not provide, or excellent customer service.

Take advantage of your competitive advantage

With so many competitors that exist today in the market, in order to be able to stand out against these it is necessary also to take advantage of the competitive advantages that one has.

Start businesses only where you can take advantage of your competitive advantages; That is, those aspects that allow you to stand out or perform better than other competitors; For example, knowledge or experience in the market, ability to create a better product, or better business contacts.

Start small but project in large

Considering how difficult it is to start and move forward a business, in order to have more chances of success it is advisable to start small but always projecting big.

Start always with a small business, dominate everything you do, and then gradually grow it into a big business; For example, start by offering a single type of product or by targeting a single type of consumer, learn all about them, and then gradually offer a greater variety of products, and / or go to new markets.

Always make a business plan

In order to reduce risk and increase chances of success, it is necessary to always make a business plan.

business plan

In every business you undertake, whatever size, be sure to make a business plan, which does not have to be a complex document of more than 200 pages, but simply a document where you put information that lets you know Beforehand the feasibility and profitability of the business, and serve as a guide to start it.

Do not be so optimistic

One mistake that entrepreneurs usually make when starting a business is to make overly optimistic projections that ultimately do not end up adjusting to reality.

cheerful businessmen

When starting a business do not let yourself be carried away by the optimism of the entrepreneurs, collect all the information you can, analyze it well, and then try to be as objective as possible in your projections, considering that they will most likely appear on the road Difficulties that at the moment you can not predict.

Do not offer something you like, but something that consumers like

Another mistake that entrepreneurs often make is to think that if something is something they like, they should like it too.

When starting a business or launching a product to the market do not fall into the mistake of thinking that if something you like should also like others, and before offering something that you like, put the place of the Consumers, analyzes their needs, tastes and preferences well, and offers something that appeals to them.

Do not focus only on money

If the sole objective of an entrepreneur is to earn money, the chances are that the money will never appear, since when the first difficulties begin to appear, you will not have enough motivation to go ahead and you will most likely end up looking for another business That allows him to reach his goal.

When starting a business, before thinking about making money, think of the satisfaction of being an entrepreneur, enjoying what you are going to dedicate, serving others, or having freedom and control in your life. Only then, when you enjoy being an entrepreneur and stop obsessing over money, it will only appear.

Minimizes risk but does not fall into excess

To reduce the chances of wasting time and money, you need to minimize risk, but without falling into excess.

minimize risk

In each undertaking you make, it minimizes risk; For example, gathering information, analyzing it, preparing and planning things well; But without obsessing with it to the point of wanting to control everything or want to anticipate all the possibilities, taking into account that for more analysis, preparation or planning you do, the risk will always be present.

Act without delay

To prevent an opportunity from effectively being an opportunity or, worse, for another to take advantage of it before one, it is necessary to act without delay.

Before an opportunity does not take too much time to analyze or prepare, and act without delay taking some risk if necessary, and knowing that more analysis you do always appear difficulties and unforeseen, and when they appear you will be able to circumvent them or Make corrections as necessary.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes

Without making mistakes or having failures is almost impossible to achieve success, as these are part of the path of the entrepreneur.

path of the entrepreneur

Do not worry too much about making mistakes or having failures, considering that these are where you will most learn and grow as an entrepreneur; And once you get to commit or have them, assume that these are part of the path, learn the lesson, be a better entrepreneur, and try again.

Be permanently aware of what is happening in the market

A common feature in successful entrepreneurs is that they are permanently aware of everything that happens in the market.

Always be aware of changes in the market, trends, new needs, tastes and preferences of consumers, and new products and strategies of competitors, detect the appearance of opportunities and threats, and react immediately to them.

Permanently seeks opportunities

Another common characteristic of successful entrepreneurs is that they are constantly looking for new opportunities.

seeks opportunities

To look for opportunities, always be attentive to everything that happens in the market, but also look for opportunities directly; For example, attending business seminars, making new business contacts, or seeing how to improve your products or services.

Meditate your decisions well

Every decision you make as an entrepreneur, however small, can mean success or failure.


Whenever you have to make a decision take your time and meditate on it; However, do not go to the extreme of taking too much time because you could lose the opportunity or worsen the problem involved; And also, at times, when you consider it necessary, make decisions quickly by trusting your intuition.

Compress time

Today, due to the large number of competitors that exist in the market, to be successful as an entrepreneur it is necessary to compress the time.


Compress and use the time to the maximum, spend your time on things that help you achieve your goals as an entrepreneur (for example, improve your products or train you), and do not waste it doing things that do not give you value (for example, in Watching television or entering social networks);

However, also avoid going to the extreme of overwork, and give yourself time to rest in order to relax and renew energies.

Never stop training yourself

Taking into account the constant changes in the market and technological advances that we experience today, it is necessary that one be trained permanently to stay competitive.

As much as you consider yourself a well-trained entrepreneur, always continue to train or learn about business management, new technologies and, above all, what you dedicate yourself, whether through courses or seminars or simply on your own by reading Books or researching on the Internet.

Always look for ways to reduce your expenses

As an entrepreneur, it is necessary to always look for ways to increase sales, but something that is often neglected and is almost equally important is to find ways to reduce expenses.

Always look for ways to reduce your expenses; For example, taking your time when buying something, and comparing prices well, making agreements with suppliers, renting instead of buying (for example, in the case of some equipment and furniture), and avoiding unnecessary luxuries.

Surround yourself with the right people

In most cases, it is not possible to achieve success as an entrepreneur if one is not surrounded by the right people.

right people

Whenever you look for partners or staff for your endeavors, be sure to look for people who are really skilled, who are experts in what they do, complement each other well with you and other members of your team and, above all, inspire you trust.

Find a mentor

Considering how difficult the entrepreneur’s path is, in order to be more likely to succeed, it is advisable to look for a mentor to guide you along this path.

Whenever possible you are looking for a person who has experience in the type of business you want to start or who you are already in, and who is successful in this; And then ask him to be your mentor, taking into account that if he really is successful, he will most likely want to share with someone his experience, especially if at the time he also had his own mentor.

Be persevering

The path of the entrepreneur is not an easy path, but one where whatever is done will always appear difficulties and unforeseen and where, therefore, it takes a lot of perseverance.

Be persevering

Always be prepared to overcome the difficulties and unforeseen events that will surely appear on the road, and if you really trust your capacity and your projects, be perseverant, go ahead no matter what happens, and never give up until you have exhausted all the possibilities.

Be patient.

The path of the entrepreneur is not a path where success happens from moment to moment, but a long way in which, therefore, it takes a lot of patience.

Be patient

Be patient when you walk the path of the entrepreneur, step by step, without forcing things, knowing that the road is long, that difficulties and unforeseen are part of this and, above all, that success could appear at any time and when Less expect it.

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