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Top 3 Gynecologist in Dehradun with Appointment Details

In this article, we will delve into best gynecologist in Dehradun, focusing on their expertise, specialties, common procedures, and how to make appointments with them. Dehradun, renowned for its scenic landscapes, is not only a visual treat but also boasts of skilled medical professionals who cater to women’s health needs. If you’re seeking the Top Gynecologist in Dehradun, you’re in the right place!

Gynecologists in Dehradun

Gynecologists are medical doctors who specialize in women’s reproductive health. They provide a range of services, including routine check-ups, prenatal care, family planning, and treating various conditions related to the female reproductive system. These specialists play a crucial role in supporting women’s overall well-being.

Common Specialties and Procedures

Gynecologists often specialize in areas such as obstetrics (pregnancy and childbirth), gynecologic oncology (cancer treatment), reproductive endocrinology (hormonal disorders), and urogynecology (urinary and pelvic disorders). Common procedures performed by gynecologists include pap smears, ultrasounds, fertility treatments, hysterectomies, and minimally invasive surgeries.

Top Gynecologists in Dehradun

Dr. Sumita Prabhakar Top Gynecologist in Dehradun Uttarakhand

1. Dr. Sumita Prabhakar

Dr. Sumita Prabhakar is a renowned gynecologist with a wealth of experience in the field.With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Prabhakar is well-versed in handling various women’s health issues.

Specialty: She specializes in high-risk pregnancies, gynecologic surgeries, IVf treatment and Cosmetic gynecology.

Appointment: To schedule an appointment, you can reach her clinic at 7505712063 or visit her Website www.sumitaprabhakar.com You can also request tele consultation with Dr Sumita Prabhakar.

2. Dr. Aarti Luthra

Introduction: Dr. Aarti Luthra is a respected gynecologist known for her commitment to women’s health.

Experience: With more than 15 years of experience, Dr. Luthra has a comprehensive understanding of women’s healthcare.

Specialty: Her expertise lies in infertility treatments, adolescent gynecology, and minimally invasive surgeries.

Appointment: To book an appointment, contact her clinic at 0135 253 1354 or visit website.

3. Dr. Jyoti Sharma

Introduction: Dr. Jyoti Sharma is a dedicated gynecologist known for her patient-centered approach.

Experience: With a decade of experience, Dr. Sharma has earned a reputation for compassionate care.

Specialty: She specializes in prenatal care, reproductive health, and family planning.

Appointment: To secure a consultation, get in touch with her clinic at 0135 265 7065 \

Dehradun and Women’s Health

Dehradun, nestled in the scenic beauty of Uttarakhand, not only offers natural serenity but also a robust healthcare system. The city houses Top Gynecologists in Dehradun like Dr. Sumita Prabhakar, Dr. Aarti Luthra, and Dr. Jyoti Sharma, who are committed to providing top-notch women’s health services


In this article, we highlighted the significance of Top Gynecologist in Dehradun in women’s health and introduced the top gynecologist in Dehradun. These experts, including Dr. Sumita Prabhakar, Dr. Archana Luthra, and Dr. Jyoti Sharma, contribute significantly to women’s well-being through their vast experience and specialized care. Whether it’s pregnancy, reproductive health, or gynecologic surgeries, these professionals are dedicated to ensuring the best possible care for women in Dehradun. To schedule appointments with them, you can conveniently reach out through their provided contact information.

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Top 3 Gynecologist in Dehradun with Appointment Details

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