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What is LOL, YOLO, SWAG, WTF, BTW, XOXO, #FF? Myths and realities.

What is LOL, YOLO, SWAG, WTF, BTW, XOXO, #FF? Myths and realities.What does LOL mean?

LoL It is an acronym for Laughing Out Loud , which in Spanish means “very loud laughing” that obviously refers to “dying of laughter” , which is more common to say so.

What does LMAO mean ?

LMAO means Laughing My Ass Off, is a higher level of LOL, Yes, we know that it is something strong, but at that level is that expression in Spanish.

What does YOLO mean ?

The word Yolo is another acronym and is from You Only Live Once …  is a challenging invitation to get rid of the prejudices and fears that prevent you from daring to do certain things.

What does SWAG mean ?

There is no precise definition of this world, but it is interpreted as a socio-cultural movement that represents a style currently adopted by North American and Central European society, whose starting point is RAP music , Hip-Hop and in some cases R & B . So to speak, this is like the GROOVE wave of the 80’s, COOL of the 90’s, being in ONDA in the new century, until today, where SWAG has positioned itself as a standard in urban fashion.  A clear example is the singer Justin Bieber, who in most of his tweets alludes to his SWAG.

MYTH: It is said to be an acronym for Secretly We Are Gay, where it is stipulated that this was a sect of homosexual people that not to be persecuted in the 50’s and 60’s were called that way.

What does BTW mean ?

Another composition in English, means By The Way that in English we say like “By certain”  , that we use like to introduce in context some subject related indirectly with the discussion.

What does XOXO mean ?

If you ask yourself what XOXO means , this is undoubtedly the most expression seen by many of us in movies, series, stories, letters … in short, the variety of places where we have seen it is enormous. XoXo means Hugs & Kisses (X = kisses, O = hugs) and in Spanish it is: “Kisses and Embraces” . It comes from the simple and quick mention in English of Kiss & Hug , where audibly the distinction between one word and the other is lost.

What is the #FF Follow Friday?

When we read #FF  the symbol denounces it and quickly associate it with Twitter as a platform that imposed the use of Hashtags, and is that #FF stands for Follow Friday , which in Twitter refers to the action of recommending a person that you already follow so that people begin to follow it as well. This practice became fashionable in 2010 and served to recommend people and over time has become on Friday to win followers using follow me and I follow you beyond continuing for interest.

What does “wtf” mean?

WTF? is a very popular term, stands for What The Fuck?  probably many already know it but it does not hurt to put it. when something happens that really leaves you amazed or shocked and from your mouth there is not much more to say.

What is the meaning of ASAP?

ASAP Means as soon as possible

What is it to be Kawaii?

Maybe someone has told you that you are very kawai or that you saw something very kawai and you had a face like that or what is that or  What does it mean to be Kawaii? . Just as in American culture we use all the previous words in Japanese culture there are also similar words and Kawaii is one of the most famous used to refer to something that is very “cute” or pretty.

Well dear readers, if you have any doubt or suggestion, do not forget to comment them below and we will gladly follow up …

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